Lil Skies – Ok Lyrics

Buddah Bless this beat
Mm, okay, oh yeah

F*** n**** say he got a problem
Hol’ up, n****, keep your head up
I’m a young n****, got my bread up
I’m f*****’ his b**** with my leg up (Let’s go)
We pull up in Excursions
2020, n****, in a Suburban
I’m shootin’ that n****, I’m swervin’
I’m f*****’ his b**** but she slurpin’
We shoot his lil’ brother in a hooptie
In a while, we shooting a movie
I’m f*****’ on all these groupies
These n***** be actin’ like goofies
I dance on a b**** like Fivi
Give her Perc’, she call me papi
Tattoos all on my body
Let her come ride on my Johnny
These b******, they say I’m cocky
Look at ’em, like, “Who gon’ stop me?”
Been ballin’ on n***** like Kyrie
Big boss s*** like John Gotti
In the game and you know I gotta win it
Been ballin’, n****, give me a minute
You on the sidelines and you lookin’ like you losin’
You talkin’ all that s***, n****, why you accusin’?
You actin’ like a b****, stop doin’ that ho s***
Instagram, postin’ pictures of your toe s***
What the f***? N***** on some ho s***
I mean it, like, n***** on some ho s***
Me and Stan, we on kick the door s***
Back-to-back, kick up any flow s***
I run up in your house and I get the motion
I ain’t with the back and forth and all the commotion
I was really down bad but now I’m floatin’
Track to track, back-to-back, I go in
Lap for lap, around the world, they notice
Fast as f*** like a locomotive
Walk in the trap like, “Hey”
Look at that b**** like, “You ain’t my bae”
You ain’t payin’ my rent, my s*** ain’t paid
B****, I wanna f*** and just get laid
N**** like me, I’m steady gettin’ paid, huh
Workin’ that b**** like a maid, huh
Workin’ that b**** like a slave, huh
Workin’ ’til I’m in my f*****’ grave, huh

Another verse, I can do it for fun
Lyrical like a n**** Big Pun
Lyrical Lemonade with the Runtz
Lyrical Lemonade how I stunt
N***** hatin’, I feel like I’m Cole Bennett
Hop out the Tesla with a midget
Came up in this b**** with a smidgen
N**** talkin’, I’ma make him cricket
I can’t settle for no minimal wage
N**** like me countin’ the blues
N**** like me stay with the crew
N**** like me jumped off the stoop
Young n****, I was countin’ the dollars
Young n**** make ya big mama holla
Young n****, I been countin’ with partners
Young n****, I’ma split it with goblins
Young n****, I stay with all the troops
Young n****, they gon’ hop out and shoot
Dark tints, they gon’ slide through the roof
Dark tints, they gon’ show you what it do
If you talk to cops, n****, you lame
N**** think he flexin’ with that lil’ chain
N**** think he up like he the thang
N**** thinkin’ ’til we take off his brain
Go to the bank, pull out a fifty
Bad b**** sent me pics of her t******
I’m a clean n****, don’t give me hickeys
Kicked her out after she sucked my (Jimmy)
Where your bag at? B****, I got (Plenty)
Sippin’ lean, it go straight to my (Kidney)
Big gun, we gon’ shoot ’em with (Semis)
Smoking Runtz, this s***, this s*** gas (Hahaha)