CupCakke – The Gag Is Lyrics

“Can we all just get along man?”

[Verse 1]
I said what the f*** I said and I don’t give a f*** about who like it
F*** around call this hoe a joke, cause every time I see her she bittin’
I should hit her with a copyright, smack her in the face Mike Tyson
B**** done drove down the wrong road, but I’m praying that you got license

[Verse 2]
This is your f****** hearse
I’m on straight business I’d tuck ya shirt
This ain’t what I thought you meant when you slide in my DM like “Can I get a f****** verse?”
And I keep receipts
You soft inside like a reese’s pieces and we can’t link cause you’re EBT
Chopp a sleeper b****, pick a nap song, like b**** I don’t like Peter P’s

[Verse 3]
Stealing off b******, like yeah I stole it (damn)
This is it, give me my f****** roses (damn)
Dry a** p****, get f***** with lotion
I cough on this b****, hope I give her Covid (ye-ye)
Beating me when it come to jokes, uh-huh
But when it comes to rap, no way
B**** I’m whole m************ Royles Royce sitting next to Suki Hyundai (damn)
Oh, you got three kids?
All them b****** dead (blap-blap-blap)
Through their head
Now bury them in your loose p****, cause them funerals cost too much bread
Don’t be talking on our black kings, like if you’re broke you can’t get no butt
B**** you got a whole man, but got an OnlyFans
B**** that don’t add up
I’m like “Mirror, Mirror on the wall” what the f*** is this, this gotta be a joke
How you wanna be me so f****** bad
But you can’t f****** deepthroat (schlp)
I saw a video up on OnlyFans I’m like “Hold the f*** up”
This ain’t what Rihanna meant when she said “Throw it up, throw it up”

F****** broke a** b****, joke a** b****
Can’t take no d*** in her throat a** b****
Lost hope a** b****, get the rope a** b****
She sent a track then I turn it up to a nope a** b****

[Verse 4]
Man, I wish I coulda saw your face when you ain’t get the song back, that’s amusing (hell no)
Told her a** she gon’ wait longer than Rihanna dropping new music
It’s confusing, got your a** done and it’s lopsided on the upper parts
B****, when you get your a** done it’s supposed to poke out like a question mark? (stupid)
But I still can’t feel it, I’m so f****** realer
Don’t need lip fillers, you need Quentin Miller
She already dead, but I didn’t mean to kill her
Moonwalk on her grave and I oops, that’s thriller
Catch your a** up in person like “Didn’t you speak on my mother?”
Then I’ma piss on ya three kids (psssssssss) and I’ma make you hold the umbrella

[Verse 5]
So you should f****** hide ‘fore I get some round spinners (boom boom boom)
I know I pissed you off but you don’t wanna drown in it
The way I f****** ate this now my gown ain’t fitting
Put the Glock down her throat
Sukihana found bitchin’
RIP Nip (woo!), boo it like a crip (woo!)
Kylie Jenner a** b****, only known for the lips
You a p**** with no grip (ah!)
I’ma pull up let it rip (damn!)
Turn this b**** to Rolling Ray, choppa knock her out her hips

[Verse 6]
Don’t wanna no smoke with me
This for the older G’s
This is the Migos verse Jodeci
This is a free throw with Polo G
I put your soul in another solar-y
They know I beat a** so they holding me
B**** I stay armed like deodorant
I know I live in your head rent free but that’s a 14 day notary

Stupid b****