Big30 ft. DeeMula & Pooh Shiesty – Neighborhood Heroes Lyrics

uh, can’t seen to keep no b****
cause hoes say i’m too bougie

i do too much
i told the opps i be on point
they hit the block
we flip the truck

just bought a cartier
two watches on my s*** just hittin up
i’m smokin gas, fill me up
poppin percs just to heal me up

couple n***** tried to play whit me
bet they won’t play no more
n***** snakes i can see it in their face
they just be palying their role
i’m surrounded by killas
my n***** wipe n***** nose

f*** round’ wipe a n**** a**
crack a n**** head bout’ that cash
i can’t let up on my opps
so when we catch em’ we might chase em’ home
better not let him slide, he gotta die

all my n***** gone
just blew bout’ 50 racks today
and i an’t never been the computer type
but i got that mac today

wasm’t gonna take that lil b**** down until
ipopped that percocet
percocet, be perfect s**
exotic glocks, thede(?)
just top s*** what haters see
boy they bought me that purple vette

and yes i’m overtone
glock wagon, oh b**** we murkin, s***
came up wit the same n*****
smokin dope poppin pain killas
bet they know my name
when we throw the shot to your brain n****
stop actin like a b**** speakin, on (?)
you need to vhange up
big body AMG 63 i’m a lane switcher brrt

CG he put us on im a CEO
better not give my cash to no man
i’m the one goin, in the store
i’m the one gonna lay sown whit them gangsters
when you come at your door
flood my cash, i’m at your throat
throw ten shots, the baddest hoes

aye, i f*** wit these gangster hoes
she killed before i’m lovin, it
exotic glocks, we tote the b****
better not come around whit a tic
drop a bag find where he hiding
i send my lil ones where he at

i’m the first one rich out my apartments
i just noticed that
been drawn guns since a kid
fastforward it led to this
they label me certified
i’m too legit wit the sticks

can’t be scared to take a life
we already taking risk
four shots and two people died
when we slide i never miss

aye we ain’t wastin, bullets biy we shoot tp kill
i still got gun powder on me i’m fresh off the drill
don’t know bout other rappers
me and 30 spit foreal
big shiesty for president i need my own dollar bill
and why am i still slidin,
i,m supposed to be in the hills

ESRT get the slidin,
i controll it i’m having skills
droppin bodies ain’t nothin every new one give me a thrill
ain’t no retaliation
ima slide first
choppa gang that’s for life
tell em, write that over my hearse

could never stacks me a ten
now i charge that much for a verse
i be finger f***** the squirt
he died before he could see the doctor
he couldn’t get a nurse