“AKA’” Lyrics from album Bhovamania, released on September 6, 2020. Looking for the lyrics of “AKA”? Then stay with us in this blog we will provie the lyrics of the new song 2020.

Song: AKA
Artist: AKA

I do what I want, you do what you gotta
This ain’t hand of God, this ain’t Maradona
If you say my name it’s a Mexicana
Don’t forget to wave to the black Madonna
If you [?]
Then I bust on you, well I gon’ make you suffer

[Verse 1: L-Tido]
Its Tido, aka the greatest
I’m highly blessed and favoured
The crown from most nations fit my head like it was tailoured
I’m on my worst behaviour, I feel like 2Pac in Vegas
Some phanda pusha, yeah
The vision super clear
F*** your opinion you can keep it like a souvenir
Your b**** is [?], I get her wet like scuba gear
And send her back to you, ahamba in the [?]
Hamba [?]
Y’all know that talk is cheap
I’m so fresh to death like I’m just from my eulogy
The frame is Louis V, this game ain’t new to me
I’ma legend that’s the difference between you and me (woo)
F*** these labels, cut the cable
Take all my options off the table
What’s the topic? Getting profit
Then I drop it like a hot potato
I’m in the pocket, get a parking from from South Ah to Lagos
They know

[Chorus: AKA]
I do what I want, you do what you gotta
This ain’t hand of God, this ain’t Maradona
If you say my name it’s a Mexicana
Don’t forget to wave to the black Madonna
If you [?]
Then I bust on you, well I gon’ make you suffer

[Verse 2: AKA]
All my s*** tight like braids
I’ma exfoliate, [?] a whole lotta face
I got expensive taste
I done have girls and lost my [?]
Let me concentrate [?]
I just wanna be your [?]
If I’m not, me and you
Who is gon’ break the news when I’m drunk and confused?
Everyday I go stress
Babylon take my way
[?] in my chest
Invest and rebrand
I don’t want no mistakes
I don’t want no regrets
I don’t wanna see this [?]
I don’t want shady friends
Whole game on my back, might stand tall like Shaq
Platinum plaques on my backboards like pressure I went through [?]
Use my intellect, I don’t get used by intellect
Built my pyramid then built my ladder to success
Y’all, many men, 50 Cent
Either get rich or die tryin’
[?] steady hands
Never sweat under the spotlight
[?] love this lifestyle
And I got bars like Sunlight
Pressa, pusha, ANC looting
They looting!
Give me my piece of pie
Where is my piece of mind?
Francois Pienaar ’95
[?] you cannot stop these vibes

Mean Gene: Hulk Hogan, the only thing I can say what a difference a year makes. A year ago at this time at Wrestlemania Four, you were at the side of The Macho Man when he became the undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champ. One year later, here in Atlantic City, you’re going to be challenging this very same man for the world crown

Hulk Hogan: Well, you know you’re exactly right, Mean Gene. One year ago, brother, me and The Macho Man were as one. We were best of friends. We would do anything to win together, brother. And if you would’ve told me one year later right in the very same place that it started, in the Trump Plaza that we’d be locking horns, going head on head for the WWF Championship, I’d a called you a liar, Mean Gene! But you know something? I should’ve seen this thing coming, man. As the Mega Powers team was formed, brother, as the SummerSlams, as the Survivor Series went down, as the Mega Powers started growing together, the Mania was a little bit ahead of the Madness, man, but it really didn’t matter. You were either in or you were either out, brother. You either believed or you didn’t, man, and you were either ready or you weren’t. The Macho Man made me feel that he believed in the three demandments of the prayers, the training, and the vitamins. He made me believe that he was in my corner, Mean Gene. And he also made me believe that he was ready to fight all odds. That’s why I stuck with him, brother. That’s why we stayed together so long

Mean Gene: You know its that relationship with The Mega Powers deteriorated even further. Macho Man Randy Savage went so far as to attack your Hulkamaniacs

Hulk Hogan: Oh, yeah! He did more than just attack the Hulkamaniacs, brother. He went so far as to put our manager, the lovely Elizabeth, right between us, man. It was him that eaten alive by the jealousy. It was him that was eaten alive by the lust, brother. It was a simple fact that The Macho Man couldn’t be the man that all my Hulkamanics wanted him to be, brother. He couldn’t handle the load. He couldn’t handle the pressure, but what really tore us apart was the way he was so jealous of Hulkamania. The way he put Elizabeth between us. The way he manipulated her. The way he twisted this whole beautiful thing around, but I found out one thing, Macho Man. You’re not a believer in the demandments, brother. Brother, you’re a cheapshot artist. You take whatever you can get as quick as you want. You were never in my corner. You were always on the outside waiting for me to make the first move, but just like Donald Trump, Macho Man, I hope you’re ready, brother, because Donald Trump has questions in his own mind. He sent a whole team of seismologists out here to check the foundation of the Trump Towers because when the Mega Powers explode off the launching pad, brother. As we erupt over the whole Atlantic City, he was worried about the foundation. He was worried that the thousands of people in the arenas might become unseated and swallowed by The Earth. Donald Trump, don’t worry about my Hulkamaniacs, they’re survivors. They’re ready, but you, Macho Man, I don’t care where you stand. I don’t care what you believe in. All I’m want from you is your best. I want you to be ready. I want the Macho Madness to be at his peak because when Hulkamania rules, when Hulkamania lives forever, when Hulkamania puts you down on your knees, I want the whole world to realize that I beat you at your best and at the end of Wrestlemania Five, I will be the World Wrestling Federation champion! And whatcha gonna do Macho Man when the whole world full of Hulkamaniacs destroy you?