Leon White – Aleno lyrics

Yeah man this that Aleno s*** ya know what I’m saying
This that 5 tracks in 24 hours type s*** ya know what I’m saying

Yeah I rap the real
Like J Cole I rep the ville
Young boy who started from zero
My life is a movie but I ain’t the hero
I just spit the facts like Shapiro
Ain’t got the Dinero, but I also ain’t got no zeros
Let me rewrite some phrases, spit 16 bars then leave, because I got to go places
Winning all these races I’m feeling amazing
Just like my life I live, filled with positivity and praising
Aleno lives the best life
I spit that real s*** no need to pull the sharp edged knife
Like I was in the UK and I just found Jabokius in an alley
My concerts one day gonna be filled like a rally

No concerns, this is my light side with no darkness on this earth
I get upset but I’m quick to calm down and begin to return
My feelings may get crushed but I’m always gonna get off that ground and learn
But I’ll get them back just gotta make sure no one else gets hurt
At Least more than I did because positivity is something I’m always providing
And if people don’t want it they won’t have it
Let them get stuck in the darkness facing their own demons and dragons
I don’t believe in revenge because they’ll get it coming back eventually
Like the one time where I tripped this dude unintentionally
My heart beat began to race exponentially
But all in all, I never try deflect hate back onto my enemies

Yeah Aleno out y’all