Joyner Lucas – When I Grow Up (Intro) lyrics

[Kids chatting]

[Ms. Nelson]
Okay guys, time to go
Remember to bring your homework in tomorrow
And please, don’t run, walk, please
Thank you
Joyner, stay behind one second, I wanna talk to you


[Ms. Nelson]
What’s going on with you? You’ve been kinda off lately, everything okay at home?

Yeah, everything’s fine at home, I guess

[Ms. Nelson]
How come you didn’t participate in class today?
When the other kids were telling me what they wanted to be when they grow up?

I don’t know, they all just sounded stupid

[Ms. Nelson]
Well, before you leave, I want you to tell me
What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to change the world!
I don’t want to be like these other kids
I want to be my own boss, I don’t want to work for nobody
But what do I look like taking orders from people?
I wanna do things that were never done before
I want my legacy to live forever!
I wanna make sure my kids are straight, and my kids’ kids’ kids are straight
You feel me?