BENNY THE BUTCHER – Trade It All lyrics


I’m product of the block I live and the Pacs, Nases and BIGs
For raw, took my dough across the George Washington Bridge
I was poor, for more shock, had a law watchin’ us live
Off of pure rock, n****, I put a Fort Knox in my crib
I was the one they overlooked, now a n**** overbooked
Got then haters disappointed like when the soda overcooked
More money, more problem, jealous n*****, stolen looks
That’s why every hundred bands I make, my clip grow a foot
Sold my story to the world, sold everything I afford
Came from me losin’ my brother, and all the pain I absorbed
I’m down soldiers, all the members of the gang I done lost
On this road to success and, yes, it came at a cost
So don’t confuse what you hear, I put these jewels in my ear
‘Cause I wore the same pair of kicks to school for a year, n****
I’d trade it all to get my n***** back, how real is that?
‘Cause f*** it, we gon’ grind together just to get it back

Ayo, life crazy but
S*** gotta happen so other s*** can happen
Real talk

For the n***** in my position, take care of your daughters
No matter what they choose to do, they aware what you taught ’em
My kids took my advice ’cause I’m fair as a father
My next deal, I need a office and shares of the market
Two thousand dollar kicks, that s*** I wear on your carpet
You ever f*** two best friends that share an apartment?
If you pop out with that MAC is you airin’ or talkin’?
‘Cause whoever don’t shoot first gon’ be carryin’ coffins
They put a mural of my face on the block I sold work on
Never took the first off, got me shoppin’ in Bergdorf
Came home from school, City showed me a tool
His brother kept under the bed, right in the room
Few years later, I married the game, I jumped the broom
I walked away with wounds, it wasn’t what I assumed
These n***** don’t stick to code, these hoes don’t stick to rules
I live that life, but y’all only gangster on iTunes

I’d trade it all, give the cash back, the jewels and the cars
If it make you feel I’m different from y’all, come get the paintings off the wall
My girl Benz, plus the one in the garage
‘Cause to me that material s*** small when they comin’ out at my dogs
Before we learned to run, we had to crawl
My day ones right here standin’ tall, so you can have it all
If it mean I get my brother back tomorrow
S***, ’cause all I got left is the scars, I still would trade it all