BENNY THE BUTCHER – Burden of Proof lyrics

Butcher comin’, n****
The Army is doing something about the weather
Ah, yeah
I’m back, n****
Yeah, I’m back, n****
F*** n***** is talkin’ ’bout?
F*** all that “Who the best” s***
This and that
Y’all know what the f*** it is when n-
The Butcher comin’, n****

Yo, last year was ’bout brandin’, this one about expandin’
Caught a flight to Cali, made twenty ‘fore I landed
This rap s*** easy, tell the truth, I can’t stand it
If I ain’t have these Fs, I’d but a brick in transit
Ask about me, all I did was get advice from n***** who sellin’ white
Threw the money on the table before the plug set the price
I was eager, ain’t no tomorrows, I could be dead tonight
I was seasoned like patent leather, Jordan 11 Mike
I need a trunk full of cash, my foot stuck to the gas
That’s a buck in the stash, doin’ a buck and a half
I hung with hustlers, guys who sold hundreds of bags
They front you so many onions that it come with a jag
The life of n***** who live it, the price for n***** who did it
Hoes fall in love when you look like a n**** who get it
I know how it feel when they don’t like that you did it different
‘Cause they dickridin’ trends just like them n***** you mimic (Yeah)
I was young in my prison phases, how you know you really gangster
Jail cells while I learned decision makin’
Fifty grand in the ‘frigerator, lving room, killers waitin’
Plastic on the floor like we renovatin’
This not for kids so you gotta excuse it
Yeah, I don’t spend enough on guns, but a lot with the jeweler
I spent a bunch on guns in the lot with the jeweler
Then bought a crib for my b**** and bought a block to my shooters
Who you know that tote Glocks and sold rocks to abusers?
That did record breakin’ numbers, broke locks for the movement
That was mem with no pops, my coke spots was exclusive
Walk around with this froze watch ’cause no opps wanna do it

Let’s go, n****
F*** is you talkin’ ’bout?
Eastside Buffalo s***, n****
Montana s***
1300 s***
Free all my n*****, free my n**** Ceas’
Free my n**** Duffle Bag
Free my cousin Dat
You know how we do this s***
Big Griselda, big BSF, n****
My n**** Hit-Boy on the track, n****
We smokin’ s***, n****
Huh, f*** n****
Now buddy, I’m gonna tell you a couple things and you’re gonna listen
What you did to his family, there’s no getting out
This family comes before anything, it’s a thing of honor
Takes time and memoriam, I mean you-you survived the streets
That’s almost like basic training
You’re a soldier now, and the number one rule in this army is making money
This is a business, it’s a pyramid
Money goes up, s*** goes down
If there’s something to be sold, we’re there
We’ve always been there
You’ve got the top ten position, and for what?
Because you’re a good earner, and you’ve got your honor
Not like these other f**** that act like they’re made of honor
When all they are is certified bridesmaids
You keep that Benny, and now it’s your turn
Okay! I’m reloaded!
*Gun shot*