Lyn Lapid (US) – Producer Man lyrics

She was only seventeen
When Producer Man came offering that
All her dreams
Would come true
He said, “Come here sweetie
I can make you a star!”
“I just wanna see you flourish”
And, “I know you’ll make it far”
What she couldn’t see
Was he was in it for the money (Ah-ah-ahhh)

Got the girl to move to L.A
Got the paperwork so she can sign her life away
And it was in his plan
To work her ’til he got his pay (Ah-ay-ayyy)
He said, “Sign right here”
And signed she did
He knew that she was too young
To know what she wanted
But now she’s in the hands
Of good ol’ Producer Man

I am your only chance
And you know you want it bad
I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse
A deal you’d never lose
Sign on the line
‘Cause you’re running out of time
Those who have a chance
Will trust in Producer Man