BlocBoy JB – Let’s Go lyrics

Let’s go [10x]

I’m crippin I do it in 3 ways
I knew I was pimping 2 hoes up on 3 way
Trappin I got the same clothes on for 3 days
I buy what I want you n**** know I’m 3 paid (he Ricky)
Hit him in the back with the 12 gage
Or we gon do that n**** like they did Ray Ray (Ray Ray)
Got a n**** stealin from his friends
Ridin wit a drac in a Benz
Lord forgive me you know that I have sinned
Thuggin in and out the pin
My Glock was so lonely I bought him a twin
And a clip for him just to extend
But f*** it we ain’t gon get into that
I feel like a defensive end when I get the sack
I vowed for the gang and I swear I ain’t switching back
I Chris Brown’d ya main took his chain told him give me that
Rest in peace Simi, wish I could get Simi back
Run with the pack tryna boost up my cardiac
I’m Grape Street Crippin Big Raymond started that
No twistin no purple nurple with the starter caps
How you a 30 old but your father rap
After I wipe his nose I’ma run a lap
Dippin’ from 12 dodgin them cells
I got the bond money I just don’t wanna go back to jail

Let’s go [repeat]