Rock Mafia – No More One More lyrics
(ft. Casey Veggies & Loren Gray)

She wanna f–k me cuz I’m famous
She actin’ boujie but she shameless
Don’t ask what happened out in Vegas
Let that s–t stay in Vegas
Why you always wanna bring the drama?
Just play your role, and be my baby-mama
You know how this is, you know how this ends
And I ain’t done s–t , that you ain’t forgiven

Already girl
We’ve been down this road, don’t be petty girl
Let’s just skip to the make up s–, I’m ready girl
Cuz I ain’t done s–t, that you ain’t forgiven
It’s like they fall from the sky
I’m just a man but I try
I promise you no more lies
So just give me one more

No more one more time
Baby no more one more time
I made up my mind
Cuz if you’re gonna hurt me then you don’t deserve me
No more, no more one more time
Cuz if you’re gonna hurt me then you don’t deserve me (baby)

I been going through some changes
Readjusting what the aim is
Imma try and keep it painless
But baby girl love is dangerous
Why you always actin’ Primadonna
Girl you know I got enough problems
She know what it is, I handle my business
I ain’t done s–t but go make a living