Lil Wayne – Holy lyrics


I just bought myself a 9 and my brother a Tech
Got too much on my mind, hit the blunt and reflect
When I was under arrest, my b**** was under duress
I bet she f***** while I was gone, then I doubled the bet
I smoke weed in Amsterdam and I smuggle the rest
I act like I’m shakin’ your hand and you’ll get punched with the left
And you can get killed for s*** you said under your breath
And if you do choose to bark, it ain’t nothin’ to a vet
Man, f*** these n*****, I ain’t stuntin’ these n*****
Yo b**** about to swallow a bunch of me’s, n****
I got a white girl f*****’, s*****’ me, n****
While I’m thinkin’ ’bout the days that it sucked to be n*****

Bought myself a 9 and my brother a Tech
N****, keep your head up like that gun to ya neck
And my b**** was scared to fly ’til we f***** on a jet
F***** her in the cockpit, all these buttons to press

I just got myself a blonde with the puffiest chest
I just bought myself some time, rolled my Rollie a check
Ridin’ in a double R, just regrettin’ regret
Getting loaded more than once, no Russian Roulette
I just left King of Diamonds, I just f***** a baguette
I ain’t called her since that day, I just wasn’t impressed
Ooh, with a nose ring, startin’ a bunch of BS
Hide the gun, knock on your door, dressed like UPS
Man, f*** these n*****, I ain’t stuntin’ these n*****
I’m a bear coughing up a bunch of honeybees, n****
Got hoes under me, like a submarine, n****
Got a b**** with a c*** like a butter bean, n**** (Uh)

Bought myself a 9 and my brother a Tech (Yeah)
Bought my sons toys and my daughter a pet
Bought my homeboys choppers and my woman a dress
And to catch me if I fall, I bought my mother a net, let’s go

Anyone could get knocked off, any b**** could get knocked up
Baby daddy get locked up, sell everything, put the house up
Don’t say anything, keep your mouth shut
Except two words and that’s “how much”
If I do get out, we’re skippin’ town
She said what about her mama
I paused
I said, “I gotta do what I gotta
Is you gon’ ride with me or you not?”
And she start cryin’ and said, “I’m not”
And I paused
I said, “It’s probably what’s best
Well, I’ll be back when pigs fly
So they can follow me on my jet”
I tell my pilot where to go next
I bring that problem to your doorstep
I catch you slippin’ while you tired
Like the road wet, like it’s no sweat
I’m Tunechi, hi, I’m here to collect
They wondering why I ain’t gettin’ no rest
‘Cause that’s just too close to arrestin’
And too far from “serve and protect”
So, Police, read me my wrongs, or just leave me alone
Rubbing, squinting my eyes, I still don’t see where I’m wrong
Sold my soul to the streets, they bought it previously-owned
Went to jail for a Glock and soon as I got home

I went and bought myself a 9 and that new MAC-11
You talk s*** at 10:59 and make the news at 11:00
B****, I’m the wildest m*********** on a team full of rebels
Young, wild m*********** to a MILF, cougar, leopard

I’m a lion, m***********, to these hoes ’cause you can sweat a little
Euro my secret weapon like Mark, Jackson and Stephen
I see plain clothes, pigs, and unmarked intrepids
My b**** believe what I say, I told her, “Salt, what’s pepper?”
I’m cold as malts and metals, sell stolen parts, whatever
Put three holes in your head like a bowling ball, don’t spare ’em
And all my n***** in jail, that’s bullshit, I smell ya
Remember Destiny’s Child? My favorite one was Farrah, man

Bought myself a 9 and my brother a Tech
I know you don’t want war like you just a cadet
Tell a m*********** who next, “M***********, you next”
I’m the best rapper alive and they love me to death, bye

F*** these n*****, I ain’t stuntin’ these n*****