Moneybagg Yo – SRT lyrics
(ft. Pooh Shiesty & BIG30)

[Moneybagg Yo]
Uh, yeah, yeah, go
Might get talked about, but I don’t get touched (Nope)
Keep it in their face, they don’t take much (Ho)
I’m the boss, I’ll never take a pay cut (Never)
Roll over, giver her d*** when I wake up (Uhh)
Crystal, 1K for the shape up (Chopped)
These n***** tryna count my pockets
Back to back with it, I keep on coppin’
2020 buy the red seats, Lil Yachty (Inside)
I put her on freeze, she wait for my call
I’m takin’ her down when this pill dissolve (Yep)
Statue of Liberty, standin’ there tall (Uh, uh, uh, uh)
I’m chasin’ her down, she run up the wall
I’m smokin’ boutique, the flavors unique
Four-hundred a juice, a hundred a quarter (Seven)
Shoppin’ online, yes they get the orders
Chanel, her stroller, my one year-old daughter
A space ship, thought they seen’t it (Work)
Whole time, this a ‘ghini
Whole time, I was f*****’, I done tell her I love her but didn’t really mean it
Showed them folks my setup, like black in line, Frankenstein
Stick is on me, porcupine
Out of sight, out of mind (Gone)
I cannot apologize (Nope)
Whack ’em and upload, happy vibes (Brrt)

Hey lil b****, I didn’t wanna f*** until she knew that I was me
Turned your [?] out your [?] you gon’ die by DVV (Brrt)
P**** play, you gon’ get f*****, we sucker free, so ain’t s*** sweet
Don’t put no K behind that, send one to the face, you did see Jesus (Brrt, brrt)
Had to whack his a** regardless, give a f*** about no payment
Think we played, I’ll stomp the yard, we steady steppin’ on the daily
Twenty-thousand in these pockets, these Amiris, ho done at it
And I just left Toronto, smokin’ dope, kickin’ s*** with T-Daily (Facts)
Do you a favor and let you life, after you went and wrote a statement (S*** crazy)
I was lazy, just cut you off, blocked you on all my pages (S*** crazy)
Cost my young n****, his freedom, got him scufflin’ in them cages (Free)
Say your mamma made you snitch, but you the one that signed them papers (Brrrt)

[Pooh Sheisty]
Man, f*** that s***, they mad we made it
No hand out, we got up off our last, we had to go and take it
Seen too much, mask up, we apein’
Oakland b**** s*****’ my d***, she said she cheerlead for the Raiders
Burnt the head off, then I skated, had to snatch off in the shaker
We run through weed by the acres, take care of the block, pay the neighbors
Big a** box under this chopper, we ain’t come to hook up cable
Me and Thirty ran through ninety-thousand way before a label
He can ask me for a body, no hesitatin’, I’ma pay him (Brrt)
I got faith in my high speed chase, behind this SRT
Thick lil b**** in my back seat, she tryna set some up for me
Four deep, slimed out, in this Lamb truck with three choppers a piece
Three-seventy-five, shots was fired, you know we slime for BGE