Moneybagg Yo & Blac Youngsta – New Chain lyrics
(ft. Yo Gotti)

(Ayy, Southside, where’d you get all that drip?)

[Moneybagg Yo]
New chain on chill but I’m hot as two suns
Protecting the brand, I went bought some more guns
Roll up some s***, look like elephants thumbs
[?] watch on my arm
B****** gon’ milk ’cause I’m lit like a candle
I’m never lacking, getting head with my hammer
Ain’t used to nothing, she thought Chanel was channel
When I record, she show out for the camera
But down the Cartier, plain jane the Hublot
One b**** that’s uno with me in this two-door
Stars in the Lambo’, I done went p****
Me and this money a dynamic duo
Slam on an opp, hit his a** with the suplex
Live in a condo and trap out the duplex
Ice on my collar, can’t tell this a crewneck
Walk in the spot, all the hoes holler, “Who that?”
I did a feature, they pay with biscotti
Used to be OG but now it’s exotic
No [?] but my strap in the party
They pray for my ending but I just got started
Gated my house, you can’t find it on Zillo
Can’t go to sleep broke, couple million my pillow
Knock off an opp then I f*** on his widow
Then catch me a flight, turn to Lil Jon and get low
I go ham, but no pork [?]
Took a jet from LA to New York
Know I’m lit but I’m just heating up
It’s way too early to be passing a torch
I turned the condo to a trap spot
Let a n**** take my chain, I bet not
Already too late if you see that red dot

[Blac Youngsta]
Protecting the brand, I just bought some new Glocks
Coronavirus, they went outta stock
I give my shooters high price for your top
Guarantee one day your body gon’ drop
Guarantee one day them b****** gon’ hate on me
Guarantee this the day they gon’ get caught
I put that AK right there in your face
You know when it’s a robber, you can’t move a lot
Walk in the spot, all the rappers, they get back
I’m the same n***** they call for they s*** back
I make my b****** break down like a kit kat
You want that smoke but you know you not with that
I might work out on your b**** like a six pack
Flooded my heavy [?] baguette
I’m not the typical n**** you forsee
You not the typical b**** I would hush for
Gotta let you know you playin’ with a don
I put that Cartier watch on my arm
I done did so much dirt under the sun
I done did so much good s*** for my mom
Rich n**** flow, come from the slums
I shoot my opps, I don’t spot out then run
I got a b**** out in Cali’, she blond
I spend my money with shine so I won

[Yo Gotti]
Hundreds on choppers, the meanest of throwback
[?] Miami, I’m freeing Lil Kodak
Bool on the Lamb’ [?]
I’m having Zoom calls back of the Maybach
If it ain’t ’bout millions then maybe it’s [?]
[?] n**** thinking it’s cool
No f**** she be tolerating in the crew
And we don’t make Worldstar, we make the news
And everything mafia
And everything profitable
I don’t see nothing from stopping us
My b**** want a Birkin, I’m copping ’em
Lil’ dawg want a body, he dropping ’em
Baguettey the chain, make it look different
Bust down the Richard to rock in the kitchen
Give ’em a stack to clean up the dishes
Don’t talk on the phone, we know that they listening
The trap been producing a hundred a day
Bag been charging a hundred a day
Youngsta gon’ keep a hundred in the K
Another hundred on the way
Fishscale, every n**** with me get a plate for real
Every n**** with me sell weight still
Every n**** with me go ape for real
I’ma teach you how to work that Drac’ for real
Like how you make that a** shake for real
I’ma f*** in the front of that Wraith for real
Your boyfriend an opp, but you safe for real

Got a new chain and that b**** come from [?]
He got a Rollie, he just beat a body
You know it ain’t my s*** if it ain’t exotic
She wanna kick it, I don’t do karate
I’m like lil’ shawty, I’m feeling your body
Bought her a Cuban, the pendant say Gotti