Action Bronson – Mongolia lyrics
(ft. Meyhem Lauren & Hologram)

[The Wire Sample & *Action Bronson]
He knows my name but, my name is not my name
And you?
To them you’re only the Greek
And of course I’m not even Greek
Yeah, Baklava, yeah
Hologram, yeah
That’s comin’ up

[Action Bronson]
Yo it’s Mister 40/40 (Uh)
Dressed like I’m Treach from Naughty
A young brother that’ll stretch your shorty (Damn)
David Caruso couldn’t connect the story (What’s up?), solve the puzzle
His favorite murder weapon was a shovel
It’s the jefe (Uh), Spanish women all over my body like I’m Machete homes
All I do is write these essay poems
Let’s get dusted at the Mets game homes (Uh)
Like sixteen handles, catch me swervin’ in the [?] lane home (Woo)
I don’t even got my left leg on (Damn)
Tryna dance tonight (Damn)
You said some language, that I seen rappers [?]
Me and my brother go together just like lamb and rice
(Fuck me)

(Instrumental Break)

I eat African shrooms, while rappin’ on tombs
Back in June when I clapped at your goon (Ah)
My car color blue off, fool it’s new and it’s too off
‘Fore the limo driver moved off, [?] new golf shoes
Workin’ on my murdy pot, your heard me slut
Hurry up, curry pot, uh
I need a bitch to go down on me (Down)
I mean really go to town on me (Town)
I mean really do a number on me (Suck that dick, bitch)
Supplyin’ an elite, a few fiends died at my feet (Woo)
Got dealt a bad hand, off a half gram (Ow)
Feeds the fam, and gave you a half xan
And throw you at the Grand Canyon (You fuckin’ dead, haha)

(Instrumental Break)

[Meyhem Lauren]
Yeah, uh
Meyhem doin’ good, that’s a rumor that I heard
There was time he was eatin’ blue fin tuna
They wanna test me like I’m Bradley Beal
None of your motherfuckas real, my nigga pass the steel
Mass Appeal, mass production
Mass destruction, crime, corruption
Wine consumption
On the private island wildin’
Put some through shade ’cause they jealous of my medallion
Picture [?], late nights like Jimmy Fallon
What we seal, covered with [?], bitches we stylin’
My life story is an all couture outfit
We gettin’ money kid, you niggas ain’t ’bout shit

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