Stunna 4 Vegas – Gun Smoke lyrics

[Stunna 4 Vegas]
Cross the line, and it’s gun smoke

[Stunna 4 Vegas}
A n**** crossed that line, it’s gun smoke
B****, we bust poles (Yeah)
And cut throat (Boom, boom)
We deliver beef right to your front door (Right to your front door)
Might get to tweakin’ in this b****, we make the people call the po-po
I’m tryna t-shirt me some s***
We turn an opp into a low-go (To a low-go)
Gun on my right hip, if s*** go wrong (Pew)

[Stunna 4 Vegas]
He crossed that line, i bust it (Uh)
I still be on that f*** s***, every n**** with me clutchin’ (On gang, bah, bah)
B****, get up (Alright, b****, get up)
Uh, we won’t give no f****
Dirty stick clip hold a hunnid (Brrt)
I give her d***, and keep it coming (Uh)
He says “it’s up”, we put him under (Let’s go)
Extention clips, i got a bunch
Won’t go for s***, go ask, my momma (On gang)
We spin back to back, like DJ Drama