Ron Pope – Turning Back lyrics
(ft. Emily Scott Robinson)

I was awake, you were still dreamin’, covers rise and fall with each breath,
Half drawn shade cuts the light of morning.
Radiator laughs, the melody moves slow then fast,
We’re past the point of turning back.

Winter’s cold in this city of strangers, shuffle past on their way to God knows where,
You and me like a western sunrise…
Seems impossible in fact, I guess “impossible” is meaningless.
we’re past the point of turning back.

We were moved by gravity, we were pulled like tides,
String tied to the moon it seemed, reaching through the night.

Open eyes, the room’s still a whisper, nearly noon, the day’s creepin’ up,
(We’ll) let daylight fade like a lonely ember
But we ain’t moving from this spot,
Holding on with everything we’ve got,
Even when we’re off the tracks,
We are past the point of turning back.

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