Yeah, uh
Uh, look, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

Oh you survived? How does it feel?
Caught with no wheels, floating around on these f****** rims
But I’m moving still
Often I’m changing like Optimus Prime, optimally
Optimistic, and I’m a product of my environment
Iron man with the mother f****** metal on me, embedded on me
Anybody say that they’re better than me, tell it to me
My life’s a movie, I’m watchin’ it all in third person
The Purge merging with I Am Legend with these cursed verses
I’m sure certain I’m Percy Jackson when I cut ’em with the pen
Spit venom then I spin ’em in a web
I know they want me dead
But I wouldn’t be here right now if I ever gave a f*** ’bout what they said
New draco from Korea, the green is growing like Chia Pet
You gon’ see this K pop, it ain’t gon’ be no BTS
VVS on my chest, got me glowing, Goku, DBS
Stop f*****’ typin’ and say it with yo chest, TTS
They see my stress, but I see the best and I see the future
My life’s like chess, so I think ahead, then I make maneuvers
Like Martin Luther, I had a dream, then I go pursue it
The only thing I wanna do is make my f*****’ music
I’ll be damned, I’ll go straight to Hell
Kill myself if I don’t shoot ’til the pistol melt

Ahh, dead man’s corpse, body behind a silk curtain
I hid behind an umbrella, sun got my skin hurtin’
They wanna all crucify me, it’s like a witch-burnin’
I’m a f*****’ walkin’ skeleton outta Tim Burton
I walked a line with the devil talkin’ to big serpents
Gazing over oceans of bodies that were once servants
Singing songs at the murder [?] that were pitch perfect
While I drink out a bloody chalice that emits curses

Mhm, redemption for my soul if it hurts to
Mama, know I didn’t mean to hurt you
I’m in a ghost, I’m going ghost too
And I want the most, I do the most, ooh
Tie me up to a post and then they toast booze
And then they light me on fire, I burn like [?] too
They go from laughin’ to cryin’, cause that’s the worst news
Is that I didn’t f****** die like I was supposed to