Conway The Machine – Words From Shay Interlude lyrics

Con-Conway. Hmm. Conway’s. one.. First of all I’ma [?] to say that Conway’s one of the greatest lyricists that I’ve heard, like period. He’s one of the top lyricists from industry, wherever in the world if you ask me. Like honestly and that’s my opinion. What makes him unique? He works-he’s a-he’s a very particular person. When you see him craft, which I’ve seen him craft for years. When you see him craft, he’s-he’s in his mode. And when he’s in his mode he’s like zoning out. He gon’ take a beat and he gon’-he gon’ bring something to it every time. Like every time he gon’ bring presence to the track. And don’t have nobody else be on it. It can be his brother or anybody else, but it’s-it’s, he has a competition and competitive essence about himself that he’s never gon’ let nobody outdo him, like. He always feel that he has to be the best when he craft, you know. And, you know sometimes it’s five minutes, it might be 40 minutes but when he-when he done, it’s basically gonna be a masterpiece. And you always gon’ be like “Did you hear what he said?” That’s like, that’s always quotable whenever you hear a Conway’s bars. For me, you know I’ve been recording him for a very long time. And for me, it like, I’m like, I’m sort of like the day before Christmas, like Christmas Eve every time, you know the man get ready to craft. Pretty much like that

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