Conway The Machine – Nothin Less lyrics

Look, every Cuban link is at least a kilo
Verses by the Machine and the beat from Preemo (Preem)
I do it for the streets when I release a single
Know I’ma always keep it a C-note (A hundred, n****)
The MAC in back of the Charger
My youngin line you up clean, you ain’t gotta go back to your barber (Hahaha)
They love me for the fact that I’m actually harder
I probably sold crack to your mother and smack to your father (Cap)
Can’t get to you, then we whackin’ your daughter
Probably wrap her in a carpet, let her body go splash in the harbor (Splash)
Yeah, smokin’ wax while I’m blastin’ The Carter
I ain’t never satisfied, so I have to go harder (Harder)
Story of my life, every chapter I authored

Keepin’ it raw, nothin’ less or more
Keepin’ it raw, nothin’ less or more (Neck heavy as a b**** right now)
It’s only right

Doctor Birds’ rice and peas, the chicken is curry
Body on the pistol, the blicky is dirty
Two shooters by the door and they grippin’ the thirty
That’s why they both got fifty pointers like Mitchell and Murry (Ha)
Thought he was runnin’ down, we clippin’ him early (See)
They checkin’ my release dates, them n***** is worried (Hahahaha)
Caught me lackin’ before, but it didn’t disturb me
‘Cause I just dropped another bag, I’m gettin’ ’em buried (Good night)
You violate us, then you know it’s beef
I’m from where the fiend clean your whole backyard just to smoke a piece (Uh huh)
Lil’ brother still keep the pole in reach
I tried to tell him, “Bro, you free” (Chill)
You already gave them crackers nine years of your life
That’s four behind the wall, another five on post release (Talk to ’em)

Keepin’ it raw, nothin’ less or more (But you know the streets, yeah)
Keepin’ it raw, nothin’ less or more
It’s only right

Yeah, Machine, b****
DJ Premier, you know this for the culture
You know what I mean?
This s*** had to happen, n****
You gotta have the illest MC and the illest producer of all time on the same f*****’ record
Doin’ what we do best
Rest in peace Guru
Rest in peace Prodigy
Rest in peace ChineGun

Keepin’ it raw, nothin’ less or more (Rest in peace DJ Shay)
Keepin’ it raw, nothin’ less or more (Yeah)
It’s only right