Conway The Machine – Fear Of God lyrics
(ft. Dej Loaf)

Yeah, n****
G. Ry got me
Machine, b****
Ayy, Hit, when we gon’ do some s*** like this, my n****?

Yeah, all praises due to the most high
Remain thankful and humble, that’s just some rules that I go by
It f***** me up when people gave my n**** low profile
Told ’em that time like Kobe first step, that s*** gon’ blow by (That’s light)
Used to bag the dope playin’ Mos Black on Both Sides
Was in the streets, but I still provided the hope for those guys
I’m just lettin’ my soul fly, flow raw like the bricks from the source
Where you gotta take a plane and a boat ride (Talk to ’em)
To get it back, every n**** in my section live (Hah)
Know some shooters that’s bustin’ pipes like when pressure rise (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
Rappers actin’ tough, showin’ they fake aggressive side
‘Til I see ’em in public, now the wanna contextualize (What you say about it?)
I heard n***** shot up your corner for a second time
Hit like two n*****, you p**** n***** have yet to slide
These verses is exercise, lately, I’m feelin’ like I’m the best alive (Hah)
And this my first album, I just arrived (Cap)
I heard n***** stealin’ my lane, but we don’t spit it the same
They say it’s gettin’ spooky, I hear n***** stealin’ my slang
They tryna hang so they can get close to the book and just steal ’em a page
I don’t consider you gang (You ain’t gang, n****)
I told you on that song with Eminem, Bang (Hah)
That I would pull up, let it ring, think s*** is a game (Grra)
GxFR, went and put that s*** on my chain (Cap)
‘Cause long after I die, all my n***** remain (Talk to ’em)
Ayy, my n**** Hit-Boy did the production
Rollie my wrist and I bust it (Uh huh)
Listen, we built the whole Griselda house with our own hands, we did it from nothin’ (Cap)
I mean, West owned the land, but I did the construction
So f*** your top five if it ain’t me
Uh, I came a long way from May Street (May Block, n****, yeah)
Look what I became, God don’t make mistakes, see
I’m ’bout to have Paul robbin’ Peter to pay me, yeah (Hah, ayy)

I’ll do a n**** bogus (Bogus, yeah, yeah)
I’ll leave a n**** lonely (Lonely, yeah, yeah)
Fear of God I got on (Got on, yeah, yeah)
All the way at the top where it’s lonely (Lonely)
All my n***** paid
We run it up and break bread (Ayy, ayy)
I can’t let you get to my head
I can’t let you get to my head (My head)
Dropped all of my friends, got my brothers with me (Yeah, yeah)
Cuttin’ up in traffic, keep a cutter with me (Woah)
I grew up listenin’ to most of my OGs, yeah
Keep an eye on granny, I can’t watch her OD
I got real birds (Birds), watchin’, watchin’ me
You got big nerves (Nerves), plottin’ on me
I don’t fear anything, yeah
I don’t feel anything, uh

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Ooh, yeah