Wiz Khalifa – TMZ Skit lyrics

(Skit: Wiz Khalifa & TMZ Guy & Bystander)
[Censored] you smoke weed, only listen to Wiz Khalifa
Haha, that’s pretty true
Wanna get in the front, baby?
Do you feel like theres- do you feel like theres enough people talking about the movement? You know, like-like in the election?
… weed, baby
That’s pretty crazy
Y’all ‘gon miss somebody else comin’ up outta here filmin’ me rollin’ weed and s***
Wiz, Wiz What, oh you want some?
What, you want some too?
Hey-hey what strain is that?
Khalifa Kush, man
Oh, oh, you got your own kush?
Yeah, KK, man
Oh, I didn’t know that, thats pretty tight
Yeah, its in stores now, its KK man
I can smell that, that’s crazy
Yeah, I know you can smell it, ’cause its that good s***
Ayy, that’s wild
Its not for sale off me, but you can go get it from- from the stores, man
Who’s like a- do you have a target demographic?
People like you guys
Hahaha, that’s crazy