YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Soul Stealer lyrics

It’s Young ???
Mook got the kids jumpin’

Before the night, it’s gon’ go down, I end up shootin’ in this b**** (Ooh, nah)

Two clips together at your round, I let it loose in this b****
Keep playin’, the guns gon’ find the slums
Like, f*** how ruthless it gets (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
It’s straight redrum, I scream out dumb
‘Cause I’m gon’ shoot once you pick (Yeah, yeah, yeah, gang)
And that’s a death row stick, ’cause it got bodies on it
Came from a society where you drawn for catchin’ bodies on it
Bust as soon as I spot it, homie, face that too, my thot be on it
Tell bro, “Move right, the cops been on it”
Can’t copyright, change your persona
B**** n**** be actin’ stiff, got the bar up in it, we can meet up in it

F*** n****, you’ll work or do your job, remember, we ain’t friends
B**** n**** hatin’ who I am, same kid from inside the pen’
Same n**** throwin’ up the Nawf, walkin’ up and down the street with the twins
Get in your s***, then I dive again
When that bag came, then the rob was in
B****, I been a survivor, lyin’
Full of shooters, n****, this a shotta’s pen’
.357 with them coppers in it
Reaper of the industry, they say, “Killer ghost”
Never tell his thoughts, they’ll never know
He be maxed down with that calico
On Connect Street with that, know your dough
Hunnid grand, I connect the four
Ridin’ ’round with a spark, b****
When a n**** tell me, so the line is, “No”

Disrespect my mind, you know
Show that daddy how it go
Leave these b**** b******, hit the block
Spin again when at the store
Try and run and sprint, shoot at that ho
Demon baby, demon flow
Say they f*** with you but really don’t
A-I gang ’cause I seen it before
Real gang baby made through the snow
Like a Hot Boy, I been in here
Come on Top, boy, it’s killin’ season
Catchin’ a water shark for any reason (Grrt, bah)

Oh, oh-oh (Tryna talk my talk, that s***)
Chasin’ money, steady thuggin’ from the cop cars (Yeah, I come in here)
Post up on the block, still, they made him show the Rasta’

N****, do you catch the drift? (Bah, bah-bah)
Oh (Boom, bah, gang), oh-oh (Lil’ Top)
Walkin’ straight up outta Hell with them cold killers (I did, I did)
Ayy, straight up out the back with them same n*****
Ayy, soul stealers, big chain, he gon’ get attention

From the parkin’ lot, hit that b**** from the bleachers
Runnin’ with creatures, we steppin’ on leeches
False claimin’, we gon’ murder to teach ya
Do the whole thing when you play with that Nina
Got a bad nose, then you might catch a seizure
Pull up, blow that b**** up for no reason
Shoot that s*** up, then we leavin’

F*** wrong with these n*****, man?
I want these n***** to understand, ’til I’m sayin’ with these demons (Bah, bah)
I said, “Kill the home, all of them”
Cravin’ for that blood, I’m sittin’ up
I need three more, like, b****, I need
(I need ten, bah, I need ten
Ten m***********, ten, baby
Ten lil’ babies, oh)