The LOX – Net Worth lyrics

You see my net worth
I got rich nigga
You hear ’em hating on me
Fuck the bitch nigga
And your bitch too
We done ran through
And your niggas that feel the same, fuck them too
I let that weed burn
I let my yak pull
Another 500 mill, on the LOX tour

I be Supreme’d out, I rock Off-White
Knock off a whole thing, that’s on a off night
I know the weed good, long as I cough right
I live a boss life, I keep the Porsche white
To go to war right, you need foresight
Need paper and artillery, of all type
To reach L-O-X, you need more stripes
You ain’t nice yet, you just all hype

You see my net worth, they move Off-White
I be G-star’d out, shoot you on sight
I be dumb high, my niggas dumb nice
Who wanna hear what this hundred shot drum like?
Let the weed burn, let the dab rip
My niggas shoot, I shoot again like it’s an adlib
I don’t like the way he made, he hit his dad crib
He ain’t never have no money or no bad bitch

Stop frontin’ nigga and do something
You gone have somebody close to me shoot somethin’
Got the beam on and the clip long
I’m just saying, I ain’t the nigga you should swing on
I’m getting money nigga, that’s what I’m supposed to do
So even if you hatin’ on me, I don’t notice you
Bitch, how old are you
Stop bragging ’bout your purse and your weave and put your fucking kids first
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20 years plus, a nigga still hot
This ain’t a EP, this is real LOX
You had a fake trap, I had a real block
I made a lot of money, some of it I still got
I’m on some grown shit, nigga I own shit
Too many witnesses, so I don’t use the chrome shit
Man to man, can’t you see, I’m in the zone bitch
I don’t wanna be bothered, leave me alone bitch

I am on my one two, I’m about my funds too
I am on that John Wick shit, you know that gun fu
I am not leg day, wrong one to lunge to
I am not the kitchen sink, wrong one to sponge to
I am like Sansui, you are like my son too
If I pull this hammer out, where you gone run to?
S-dot, P-dot, from L-dot, O-dot, X-dot
Fuck all these rappers, give them a headshot

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