Xanman – True Story lyrics

Roo, roo
Whee, whee, whee (I came from the bottom, baby)
I got a Corona
(I got a Corona) Heh

I came from the bottom, baby
How I’ma breathe with no air when it’s just ‘posed to be just you and I?
Swear I’d rather kill some, Kaydoo did it, I told him to move aside
He killed a friend but nobody know, we dressed up in a suit and tie
Looking at each other, murder in our eyes
I’m like, “Kaydoo a menace”
I would say more but I got cases pendin’, ooh, ooh
I could go to jail right now for my video, Different, it’s too different for you
My brother died in the field, he like, “Baby boy, I’m livin’ through you”
I swear I love Pede, I would of never been here if I ain’t listen to you
Got a big Glock on me now, do I look like I’m kin to you?
I’m in the jungle with a lion, do I look like I’m a king to you?
We robbin’ the plug, I don’t really care if I’m kin to you
Big .40 on me now, she like, “Baby boy, I’m feelin’ on you”
I just want a studio bop, baby, can you come here?
He scared to put down that lil’ pistol, gotta face his fears
I wanna know can you forgive me? Everything I said
I’m lookin’ into the stars, still sunny with a chance
But I’m not the weatherman, I’m tryna be a better man to you
I throw a hunnid bands in the strip club but I still just want you
They like, “Xan, stop that singin’, you got too emotional” (Huh)
But you never feel pain, when you don’t got no where to go (Huh)
All the money I had, I used to splurge with my friends
I bought everybody Raf Simons, but my mother late on rent
That’s the reason why I got shot, ’cause I was runnin’ with my friends (Ohh)
Big Glock on me now, I got a hunnid in my bank (So)
That’s how I feel, don’t give a f*** about your man (No)
Feel like overdosin’ on pills, ’cause you don’t understand (No)
I keep my steel, I got a thing like a man (Ohh)
If I was in the middle of the east, you could’ve said I ran (Oh)
She like, “Daddy, where you goin’? Can you put down the Trojan?”
I let the chop sing, chop sing, the lil’ bih’ Kelly Rowland
Baby, we ‘posed to be together but your DM’s open
I was always on man time, real n****, no exposin’ me