SSG Splurge – Fell Off lyrics

Broad day with the sk

N**** I’m truth if I said it then it’s real talk
If you run off with a pack easy way to get you pealed off
If you tax me then took all of it not a deal off
I just sold a n**** 6 pints with the seal off
B**** I wake up with diamonds I can’t take this grill off
Show my bank account n**** think I done fell off
In the spot you ain’t shopping lil b**** get the hell out
Catch a case I won’t tell on my n**** I’ll bail out
How it’s easy comin in and get the pack watch it sell out
Hit the drop hit the block and have them young n***** air out
I ain’t gotta do a show lil n**** get a fair amount
Did this s*** on my own I could of signed a deal with paramount
And you know I got two clips on me just in case I wanna double back
Ten after ten tell em f*** up em tell just double that
Percecet White Yea the 30 yea the double stack
Yea I rap but I’ll still hopin spin in that Pontiac
And I ride with a Ak and I got more chickens then chic fill a
Made her talk soft like [?]
Acting like a oddball we gone hit his face
Got the full moon out is a Wolf day
We ain’t sinning we just whipping this a cook day
Ima teach you how to move this the book day
Ain’t no rapper send a hit and watch the beat play
Bet I Spint this s*** back like a dj
Ima flash make him crash on the freeway
Roscoe dash I’m turnt up, f*** what he say
I went purple with the goop so the seats grey
Drop the curtain when we slide make the wheels straight
Took the trees off his block off his block watch his landscape
I don’t talk don’t want s*** with this he say
I got draco and Glocks on my pj
I want top she gon eat me like cheesecake
Cartier for the frames we don’t see hate
That’s your shot gave a Glock to my teammate
I got plugged in forreal then my team ate
And we fought cases lil boy got a clean slate
Give em like a 20 tell them to clear the way
I just made a purchase it be here today
I just got a hundred from my pretty face
I ain’t never had a job I can’t be ace
I can’t trip off no biggie can’t be mase
I just sent a bad hoe so that’s clean bait
I pull up air it out, get the scene straight
All these rap n**** gay they just seem straight
Bust your top we don’t care bout your mean face
Hit your block we don’t care bout bae bae
Get your beat like the beat came from sk