Woah, and the rebound when I walk in
Or reload, and big gas, or Rodman
Glock-19 my side bitch, when I speak to a pig, bonnet
‘Fore I let you get to me, get violent
Niggas let me, let me beat this comment
Be more, I be ballin’ like Don
Pourin’ the [?] around the block for fun (Wait)
I found a beat, dunkin’ these crackers, I feel like Aladdin
I wish that my bitches had better timin’
Some of y’all niggas was better off silent
Killin’ yourself, this wasn’t even Love Island
Trust fund money, can’t buy (Poof)
He left the critics behind
Features with each, I’m distant with Molly
Stop, it’s like who dreamin’ with zombie
Slow with the gear and the metal is on me
Switchin’ like it, can somebody just stop me?
One on one, I be flexin’ like Kylie (Bitch)
Fuck with me, I’ma employ the Tommy
Are you triggered or just weak by design?
Baby, my preference is fine
Girl, are you really in line?
TEC ain’t free but one hand on the nine
Keep it fluid, I be marchin’ with Dons
Zero mods and you niggas still done
I don’t need one (Bah, bah)
One wish, Ray J with the sign
Hit her first, I’m ahead of my time
Spit in the ash, nurture my mind
Super head, Mr. Marcus, I’m dyin’
Stash money as the paper decline
Hey, money for mine
Now they got me speedin’ down the lane like, “[?]”
Spinnin’, I don’t [?] keep the auto outside
Runnin’ for the money, take the chain off the [?]
Niggas stay mad so they pay ’em out the mind
Twerkin’ on stage for the Mary J. Blige
Says I brought a Glock, [?] my life
Make me wanna do it, I’ma, uh
Make me wanna do it, but I won’t say shit like
“Hi, hey,” dress for the kill with my Bonnie on
Sigh, huh, shit, shit, shit, shit
Shit, shit, shit, shit

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