Toni Braxton – Spell My Name lyrics

Toni Braxton – Spell My Name lyrics

Stuck living on a promise
You said I’m what you wanted
And I’m still about it
I treat it like I own it
But it’s the feeling from it, yeah

Wait, I’m used to being pulled up on the lovin,
Tell me youngin’ can you hang?
I’m a little older and I really kinda like it that way
Wanna play
Oh hey, can you take me where I want please?

Spell my name
T-O-N-I-B-R-A-X-T-O-N- I-B-R
Spell my name
Spell My Name

Let’s take this one step further
Just give me time and I’mma (show you)
That I’m a grown man
I’ll get you straight up fiendin
Kiss you night-night and put you to bed

Wait, hold up whatchu sayin hold up tell me what you doin’
It’s ok
You gon have to hug it love it touch it kiss it
Please don’t wait
Make me beg
Oh hey, take me where I wanna be
Can you spell it?

Spell my name
T-O-N-I-B-R-A-X-T-O-N- I-B-R-A
Spell my name
T-O-N-I-B-R-A-X-T-O-N- I…
Spell My Name

Tell me what you looking for
You don’t need to look no more
Tell me what you lookin for
Can you spell it?

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