Eazy Mac – Monkeypalooza lyrics

[Eazy Mac]
Doing this til I’m infamous
I put my heart in it, working harder than immigrants
I have the vision, the image on every bit of it
They sick of me killing em like I’m living where the prison is (Bitch)
Splitting up all the dividends, the queen Elizabeth several digits into my kids’ cribs (Bitch)
Businesses been on businesses
It’s infinite, the difference for my consistent with physicists (Yahh)
Yeah, It’s limitless how I did it, they visited my exhibit
And listening by the minute
Shout out to the haters they sneak dissing in hieroglyphics
I don’t do no favors keep wishing that I would finish (Yeah, Yeah)
On a mission with no assistance (No)
I hire everybody, direct em and then dismiss em
So if they think positions were written within the rhythm of the b-b-b-beat
I can always hit em with the le-le-le-le
Please give me munchies on my dill weed
On the chips roll a sausage blunt
Yeah I still need oxygen
Coughing to my coffin tell em fill these boxes with
All my drugs, every morning, pills keep popping em (*Pop*)
Police like release these hostages
I say “no, they need to feed me compliments”
Always leave the TV on and then
Always on a little bit of T3 Klonapin
International smashing hoes at the fashion show
Different actresses asking if Mac can lick their vaginal
Got the adderal thick, you bitch this is how it go
Lay down on the mattress and eat my kids Mrs. cannibal (*Chomping*)
The voice of this generation, the poison’s the pen and pages
From Boise and then New Haven
I’m coining all the new phrases that knowing since I got famous
The boy isn’t behaving, he going crazy in Vegas

[Eazy Mac]
My worst enemy is myself
My first memory get the right help
My third felony when the night fell
I burnt every bridge I don’t like down
I hunt everything in my life now
I slurp Hennessy til the lights out
Hope I turn 70 in a nice house (Yah)
Pipe down or Beverley in a night gown

[Eazy Mac]
Chasing dreams got the best of me
Wasn’t meant to be in presidential suites
Haters keep on watching now they getting too depressed to eat
Thought they had the recipe and now they have to rest in peace
Fans are more impressed me
Tried to help my cousin, help promote em then he flex on me
Cause he thought he was the one and now he smoking extra weed
(extra, extra, extra weed, let the broken records speak)
Monkeypalooza this is that junkie confusion
Like punching a human and act like I had nothing to do with it
It’s funny it’s ludicrous
You dummies loving the stupidest garbage artists ever
Fucked the game, I’m coming [?]
It smell like onion and tuna fish
Yelling yummy the food is here
Who is running at the waitress ok “Hi, is this dude here?”
Titties love autographs, it’s becoming a souvenir
Made some money and disappear