Quada – Quada – AMG lyrics

Aye zimi nick 280
pon eh dashboard
Cya fvck around
try dat a back road
Fat brick glock chip
Suh me lock road
Well bad
Aye franc white

We nuh fvck gyal and pop dung
Anyweh we guh we affi got gun
Make she an her draws drop dung
With a bagga style like
We a gi weh capsule
Aye zimi nick
Mi father a di hot skull
Like river water money nuh stop run
Nuff man spend till cash done
She nuh stop gi him bun as him back turn
as if…

She rate him she rate me before
take weh yuh gyal
Suh di well bad roll
Phone full a pv$$y picture like
car pon toll
Yeah di well bad cold
We fvck gyal and bus gun Amg custom