Mulatto – Toya Turnup Talks (Skit) lyrics

Girl, come here
B****, let me ask you a question (Yeah?)
Have you ever in your motherfuckin’ life seen a p**** this motherfuckin’ pretty, b****? On God
I don’t think I have
Look at it, hold on, let me put my leg up (Wow)
Look, tight, fat, wet than a b****, on God
Girl, if I drop my motherfuckin’ drawers a n**** gon’ have to eat this s***, b****, on God (Totally)
He gon’ have to swipe that motherfuckin’ card, b****, on God (For sure)
Look! (I am)
This p**** pretty, b****, I gotta go (Yeah)
That’s a nice one
Love it, you’re so f****** hot