Mulatto – Toya Turnup Talks (Skit) lyrics

Girl, come here
Bitch, let me ask you a question (Yeah?)
Have you ever in your motherfuckin’ life seen a pussy this motherfuckin’ pretty, bitch? On God
I don’t think I have
Look at it, hold on, let me put my leg up (Wow)
Look, tight, fat, wet than a bitch, on God
Girl, if I drop my motherfuckin’ drawers a nigga gon’ have to eat this shit, bitch, on God (Totally)
He gon’ have to swipe that motherfuckin’ card, bitch, on God (For sure)
Look! (I am)
This pussy pretty, bitch, I gotta go (Yeah)
That’s a nice one
Love it, you’re so fucking hot

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