The Boyz – Green Gang lyrics

We’re the Green Gang
It’s a meme thang
Got the block shut down like Pyongyang
We strapped
Purple gettin’ clapped
Green like the cash that we keep stacked

My Boy Eddie is a killer
A straight up thriller
He green and he mean like a drunk caterpillar
So back down
This a Green town
Doin’ Green stuff
Reapin’ that Green crown

Shakin’ while we’re takin’ and breakin’ em
We’re the Green
Sayin’ No-no’s on the screen
Take the streets
While they scream
“Wait, what’s that? Is Purple Gang rappin’?”
Nah fam it’s the sound of Purple cheeks clappin’

Brap brap
What’s that?
It’s The Boys rollin’ up
And Juicy’s got a gatt
Oh no
Eddie got the snow
Josh and Mully drivin’ en route to the studio
Knock knock
It’s Green on your block
Bangin’ on your door and
Jigglin’ your lock
Now we inside
Your eyes wide
“F” in the chat
Purple ain’t qualified

We gonna be killin’ it
Purple you’re gonna be feelin’ it
Slippin’ away but you gotta be brave
In a minute you’re gonna be squealin’ it
I’m sealing it
Rapping is my way of dealing it
They way we bustin’ on the mic is like
We breakin’ ceilings and we stealin’ it
But let me take it down a level
I’m getting rid of Purple
But I swear I’m not the devil
I’m incredible
I be reppin’ Team Green
It’s time to close your eyes
I’m done with this scene

Stand back
Finger on the detonator
My prime lime cheeks
Ripped like a gladiator
You can’t clap these
There is no imitator
Bitch I’m Your Narrator

Purple Gang
Purple Gang
Purple Gang
Purple Gang
Beat two down
Left ’em in the rain
We’re the Green Gang
Bitch this ain’t no game

Cruisin’ down the street in my lambo
Writin’ this beat
Slappin’ the hoe
He we go
Bout to flow
I don’t do this slow
Cause I’m a pro
You already know
This ain’t no show

So run home
Go and tell your mother
Say you went and got a new favorite color
Then she says “Oh hunny, I love Purple too!”
Shes a hoe
Bitch we’re the Green Crew

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