K Shiday & Enchanting – No Luv lyrics

[Gucci Mane]
Wop (Wop)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ha, go

[Gucci Mane]
They say that I’m a clone, I’m not a human bein’ (Well damn)
‘Cause I can’t go nowhere without my human feelings (Brr)
Got a murder on my build, it’s holdin’ up my denim (It’s Gucci)
I’m keepin’ the feds out my b****, you tryna put ’em in ’em (Alright)
You say you wanna square up, well, f*** it, square up (Well damn)
Choppa knock ya head off, it turned ya bail out (Brr)
I pray my haters get corona, stop the coughin’ on me (Yeah)
The last n**** ran up on me, and I coughed the homie (Damn)
I know the feds listen to me, they my competition (Damn)
Couldn’t beat me fast, so they recruited snitches (Damn)
Put ya homie in the ICU, he needed stitches, yeah
Y’all actin’ gangster, but deep down, y’all know y’all really b****** (It’s Gucci)
I make a snowstorm, not a flurry, whip it in a hurry (Skrrt)
They say I did it, I’m so rich, I still crank up the jewelry (Yeah)
They wanna hang me by the Raptors like Vince Carter jersey (Vince)
Everybody broke, I could have retired, early thirty (Woo)
Went through like thirty million dollars in my early thirties (Huh?)
I rep the 6 like Julius Ervin’, showtime like some Birkins (Wow)
These b****** eatin’ these Percocets like they bossed in they veins (Wow)
Somebody picture ’cause he tryna be me, it’s a dream (It’s Gucci)

[Big Scarr]
Uh, you still sell dope at the schoolhouse
Look at me now, I’m a rich f*****’ dropout, yeah
Hands on my mouth now, pop out
Pull up on ya block, everybody get shot down, yeah
Cartier chain with the lights out
He don’t want the smoke, p**** n****, better pipe down, uh
Got a main b****, he wanna fight now
Hit him from the back with my Glock and a nightgown
You know how they goin’, got s*** for a b****, I got s*** for a ho
New foreign Coupe with the butterfly doors
Made the b**** flat seat, hop out, we can go
They hated, I made this s*** happen, I slip on it barely
Post at the trap with the ranch, I used to f*** with the ranches
But now I blew up, yeah, all of my b****** the baddest

They say I ain’t no ho, I’m a real-a** pimp
Bands in my pocket, I got all them in
B****, I’m poppin’ like greasy, my name on the list (Yeah)
Part on these hoes and my n**** be simp (Yeah)
Pour a 4 on my sprain, now I’m leanin’ (Huh)
My face, like I ran it back for no reason (Woo)
B****** ease, I know ’em, I’m leavin’ (Yeah)
Kush all in my lungs when I’m breathin’ (Mmm), damn
I love a ho with a fat a**, boy, you a b**** with a read-a**
You stalkin’ my s***, what you mad at?
Like I just might do with ya badass
Step off in this b****, it’s a light show (Light show)
My diamonds hit where it’s no life though
I love a thick b**** with no life, ho (Ice)
You hate me, you ruin my life though
You love when it hard whenever (Damn)
If she want a ho, then I’m little
I might stretch me a b****, no pretzel
All my guns come with a supressor
Thirty-two lighters all in my dresser
1017, I’ma get you to guess it
B****, I’m thuggin’, no matter the whistle
So icy, we flockin’ together

[K Shiday]
Plan it, I make me a pot, I get special delivery
Then that b**** hop, you a bundle of misery
Get off my top and ya shawty gon’ go because this year a bop
I got boo stamps ’cause he always complainin’
He don’t eat enough of that p****, a plan
You better be careful ’cause this s*** is dangerous
Lay yo a** out like a muhfuckin’ string
I say “Burr,” b****, ice cold, diamond grills all go
Quick bag also, p**** n***** all ‘fore
My attitude needed a tic-tac
I pulled his weave, they swipe, they not swipin’ the fox trap
Say money, all that, see me, it step for the solve
They watch how my b****** resolved that
Lie and say, “B****, what you called that?”
Said shawty fall back, I can’t just solve that
My energy right, I got stamina
Catch us, young n****, with money, they needed the camera
These n***** really ain’t man enough, abracadabra, I see what’s up
Caught that b**** cheatin’, you peepin’ her
Better think twice about keepin’ her b****** got options, that n**** been f*****’ her (Brr)

[Key Glock]
Yeah, fly like a bird, f*** what you heard, b****, I been makin’ serves (Serves)
Uh, big ’bout a swerve, I f***** ’em, Forgiato on the curve (Bah)
Yeah, codeine got me slurp, I’m drinkin’ too much, spilled this s*** on my shirt (Uh)
Yeah, I ball with no jersey, young n**** flexin’, young n****, no splurgin’ (Uh)
Lord, please have mercy, I got two b****** with me emergin’ (Yeah)
B****, better go join the circus, who you think I is? I ain’t buyin’ no Birkin
My mama is the only lady I get a purse for
Instagram b******, ain’t nothin’ but worse
So I’m ridin’ in a yellow Maybach, sippin’ purple
And I got two straps on me, Glock, Urkel (Bah, bah)
Yeah, what the f*** you mean, huh? (F*** you mean?)
B****, this a P-R-E, 1-0-1-7, dream team, yeah (B****)
B****, I ball like Kareem, uh (B****) and I’m ’bout my cream, yeah (‘Bout my cream, uh)
They say money talk, but my diamonds do too and they sayin’, “Bling,” n**** (So icy)

[Key Glock]

Written By K Shiday, Enchanting, Gucci Mane, Key Glock, Big Scarr & J. White Did It
Produced by J. White Did It
K Shiday | 2020