Upchurch – REDCOAT lyrics


Rebel flags on every single whip I got
All the glove boxes got Beretta’s with the safety off
Got the Range Rover trailin’ ’cause my streamin’ numbers crazy
Sold out shows but Coronavirus hate me
I’m tryna travel these states like a cowboy baby
Tryna be the Charlie Daniels of the rap game maybe
A country boy I’ll always survive
I’ve made it through racism riots and the internet lies
And here I am 2020 straight claimin’ my space
And my numbers ain’t dropped even with all the bass
And I ain’t scared of nobody if your numbers low sorry
I ain’t your pussy record label with the contract doctored
I’m a walkin’ weapon don’t go oversteppin’ in my section
Every line is demolition don’t end up the one I’m wreckin’
I reckon I’m a little reckless with the pen (Yup)
Sometimes I stab my own fingers with the pointy end, on accident
Came in the game like Huckleberry Finn
Runnin’ shit barefoot, I got hella tough skin
Ayy, and I got hella tough skins
Rollin’ deep, we might camouflage a new Mercedes Benz
Just depends on how I’m feelin’ when I wake up in the sticks
Today I feel like tellin’ hip hop that I ain’t scared of the shit
Got Confederate Flag wrap across my Lamborghini bitch
This is what a redneck millionaire is
Beer bottles on me and my weed I’ma share it
Take my daughter to school in a jacked up new McLaren
We them holler boys, tell your bitch to holler boy
We can’t hear you holler through all this high dollar noise
Flexin’ on the game rockin’ Dollar General cut-offs
I can’t make you none of these dollars, I’m the sergeant you get cut off
And these labels try to call me but the artists are some spin-offs
I’ma strangle the game and hit the sink and wash the blood off
Yeah, I live behind a gate in a ranch style estate
Dirty Elvis cruisin’ in a Fleetmaster ’58
All my haters gettin’ ate like a Salisbury steak
And I come out on my porch in boxers grippin’ two AK’s
Fuck naw I ain’t a gangster I’m a honky with some flavor
Livin’ in a sketchy world with no sense and no fear of danger
Motherfucker what’s good, I’ll be in the woods
Spray paintin’ something square with a big Cowl hood
You can come and get it, come and get it, son, pow pow
I be chiefin’ on a tree like Cherokee and pow wow
They tell me I’ma die and I really need to slow down
But I still got that tread and I ain’t see no yellow flag out
Approach me with caution the country rap king is flossin’
My streamin’ is beamin’ and all my Creeker skins are some bosses
And I don’t take any L’s so I can’t spell you no losses
The rappers comin’ at me choke on exhaust and and look hella exhausted
Too many plaques on my wall for me to care about a diss
Too many independent hits for me to care about the biz
Too many acres at the crib for me to hear what they talkin’
I’m too busy poppin’ wheelies on my Yamaha partner
Southside rattlesnake laid across the barnyard
Sheddin’ all the stress and the diamonds on my back large
Told me I wouldn’t go far, now I got the foreign cars
Puttin’ memorabilia of America as my paint job
Gimme my redcoat and some balls for my musket
I don’t wanna be civil, I want war with you pussies
‘Cause I’m sick of the jokes sayin’ that I don’t belong
I do it for the country boys, stay the fuck off my lawn