GASHI – 1984 lyrics

Yo, you gotta see this, man
Come downstairs in the basement, I want to show you something
Yo, your new crib is sick bro
You like it? I think it was owned by an old scientist or something
The gu— the guy you said died?
No he didn’t die, I think I know where he went
Look, check this machine out I found
Tha— That’s the one you been telling every body at school about?
Yeah, dude, just, come here, step inside I want you to see something
Dude, I’m not stepping inside
Just step inside, you’ll be fine
Okay, dude it’s so fucking cold
Oh shit, Danny? Danny?
Danny, open up
Dan— stop playing games, man (I didn’t close the door)
(I really don’t know what’s going on)
Dude, open the door, man, what’s th—
What’s that red light, man?
(It’s blinking 1984)
(1984) Danny, I’m disa— (Can you hear me?)
Danny, my hands
Danny, I’m disappearing
Danny? Danny!
Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!
Welcome to 1984, we’ve been waiting for you

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