Nyck Caution – Demons Don’t Take Off From Work lyrics

I’m free as a bird, wonder what it’s like to see me emerge
Through the demons that don’t take off of work
What I seen is disturbed, still I manage to be clean and reserve
Always giving you a premium verse, it’s part of how I was birthed
We in a hurry but we ain’t being heard
I guess that every dream is a curse, ’cause when I needed it first
I ain’t get it so I fiend for it worse
Now I’m leaving with no means to return
And I mean what I said
I don’t know when I’ma see you again
No idea on what’s really going on in my head
I’ve been in cyphers for years
Came with punchlines to impress but now I rather pull my heart out instead
It just feels a little different as of late
Think the picture getting bigger than the frame
The vision getting bigger than the name
Made it to the league but you sitting out the game with no injury to blame
They like “What you doing on the sidelines healthy?”
I think we need less asking and more helping
Enemies in disguise, they fly stealthy
Blurred lines in the time of my melting
The game fucked up but we trouble shoot when the game glitch
The troubled youth who I came with
Had my mouth covered on some Bane shit
Til I went and put those records on that blank disc
I won’t stop until it’s cover shoots with everyone I overcame with
Share life with the ones that I shared my pain with, until I vanquish