DC The Don – Campfire Story lyrics

[?] gang, live this life, yeah
She ain’t wanna fall in love with this lifestyle
You ain’t know you fell in love with a rock-star
Ayy, this is a Trademark produ-

[Verse 1]
She ain’t know she fell in love with a rock-star
Bitch I’m going fast I hit the drag in my NASCAR
Gucci tiger stripes this shit come straight from Madagascar, yeah
Met her shawty, they know I’m her father, yeah
And I gotta keep a stick Harry Potter, yeah
Bitch don’t fuck in front the gang, you’ll get slaughtered, yeah
Dropped her now she teachin’ you the lingo that I taught her
Dropped her she still flexing with the Louis that I bought her
Dropped her and this time this shit is real I ain’t gon’ call her
I’m finna go retarded
[?] now it’s time to get started
Foe nem in this party
DC in this party (Yeah)
We all in this party (Yeah)
We gon’ turn it up
I don’t want no problems get your bitch she try’na fuck (Yeah)
Please beware lil’ shawty this shit can get real ugly
Swear you niggas dusty, I told that boy “Don’t touch me”
Going so hard they wanna bust me
Lil’ George been up off that dro he smokin’ musty
I still beat the brakes up off her when I’m rusty
Yeah I know I’m hella late but girl don’t rush me
You not that important
I can’t ever chase no bitch ’cause I don’t wanna crease my Jordans
I been going too fast, great road vision, don’t crash”
When you see me, no mask
And I’m in a black Jag