Hadwyn feat. Liz Longley – HUMAN lyrics

I haven’t seen you in who knows how long
Looks like things are working out
Do you paint your bad days to seem beautiful?
Or does life just never get you down?

I guess I’m asking from the outside looking in
I guess I’m asking what it feels like
Cause I’m not perfect, I’m not happy all-of-the-time
Do you ever feel like
It’s hard to be Human
It’s hard to be Human
The heartache, the hurting, the hoping, the healing
It’s hard to be Human

The search for meaning, what I believe in
Always keeping me awake

Who do you talk to?
When you’re hopeless, who you holding onto?
Are you ever not okay?


When you start to feel the sky fall in
you can’t breathe, the air’s too thin
You’re screaming out & no one’s listening
Just know it’s temporary, it’s a moment
Keep on reaching, keep on going
Keep on going