Cash Kidd – Man in My City lyrics
(ft. Doughboy Clay)

(Damazin Beats)
(Ayy, yo, Cash, I think we got one)

[Doughboy Clay]
He swear he the man in my city, but he ain’t got s***
I be ridin’ around with them drugs, a couple chopsticks
Couple kids with me, my n****, and they adopted
They don’t speak to strangers, my n****, they be on nonsense
They’ll come and take your candy, they like to drop s***
We don’t dance unless we made hella profit
Or water whippin’ over the stove and watch it lockin’
You know you usin’ A-1 yola, the fiends knockin’
He hungry, but he scared to hit the road, pull up your stockings
Big B, we got a spot on West V and that b**** rockin’
You ain’t the man in my city, you ain’t made a hundred thousand
In order to have the streets, you need them real n**** vouchers

[Doughboy Clay]
I’m the man in my city, I’m the man in my city
Man in my city, I’m the man in my city

[Cash Kidd]
Ayy, Sprinter van full of tools
Banana clip on that Draco, b**** look like half of the moon
Your bust’ fake, them b****** plastic and fu’
Our s*** super white with black on the other side like Family Feud
Scrappin’ with who?
I’ll leave his top flat like a stool
Ayy, I was bored
I just punched a Moncler jacket in June
Man, I’ll pop out with that mopstick like the janitor do
And dip before 12 get there like I ain’t graduate school
Straps in the pool
If the boys raid this mansion, we through
Blood on the firearm, like I peeled the scab off a wound
Shoot up your BM crib ’til she get her taxes and move
Like a parent, I’m whackin’ you soon for actin’ a fool, I promise
I’m not with the back and forth, we all action
They must’ve pressed caps lock, they all cappin’
Dodgin’ raid vans with the pocket rocket, Lamar Jackson
Can’t wait to run into you dummies like football practice
Lot of fraud action, I start hackin’, card crackin’
I like March Madness, I ball hard, my dawgs trappin’
Just sent a hit, my n**** blitzed, this All-Madden
I start taggin’ s*** everywhere like I’m yard sale-in’
Hard-headed, you a b**** a** n**** like a crossdresser
Started rappin’, they was all clappin’, but now they all jealous
Damn, I can’t even trust my main b****
The s*** I seen, she probably out here on that same s***
Lane switch, I’ma cruise in my own lane
Just pulled up on your b****, got my soul drained
All blue hundreds, don’t ask me for no change
Step out of line, a ratchet poppin’ like the soul train
Before fame, Marc, you promised me you won’t change
I’m tryna prosper, they want me stuck in my old ways
Yeah, they was hatin’ on me when I ain’t have no pape’
That’s why I keep that strap on my waist like I got no shape

[Doughboy Clay]
I’m the man in my city, I’m the man in my city (Damazin Beats)
Man in my city, I’m the man in my city