Carter Ace – What They Think lyrics
(ft. Andrea Chahayed & Swoon)

[Andrea Chahayed]
I don’t care what they think
I know, I do, I know what we want
Just say what you want

[Carter Ace]
Tellin’ by the way that you came
Tellin’ by the unamusing look on your face
You don’t wanna see me anymore, it’s okay ah-ah-ah (You don’t wanna see me anymore)
Lovin’ you is never the same
Had to fall in love with you to cope with the pain
Got my emotions all over the place, ah-ah-ah (You don’t wanna see me anymore)
I can tell by the way you call me baby boy
Thought I was your man and your best friend
Now all of a sudden I am nothing but your baby boy
Overstimulated by the evidence you brought in the beginning
Now there’s something that I’m waiting for
All these days I die just a little bit, die just a little bit
You was mine for a little bit, mine for a little bit