MIKE – allstar lyrics
(ft. Earl Sweatshirt)

Yeah, yeah
Uh, uh

You will never feel the weight that he keep, hot head
Took less than an eighth, but we keep flyin’
Try to tell you that we safe, but we keep dyin’
Trust me, brah, I seen the bay, I just eat by it
Gettin’ old, I peeped the game, you gotta be violent
Touchin’ shoulders with the gang, in these streets wildin’
Poke a hole into my chest, watch it bleed violet
Give him lessons ’bout the pad, do your team a solid
How we follow in your steps? Guess you need guidance
Let it get all to your head, how you think I live?
Why ditch ’em? Be the dead, I love these green pockets
Why do grievin’ in the bed be the best option?
Couple demons in the West, gotta reach often
With my G, Marcus, kept the trees sparkin’
Almost left, we had that talk, I let the dream darken
You know who we are, gotta keep barkin’
Gotta tee off, gotta leave cautious
You know the team stars, you know who we are
Can’t peace bargain, gotta leave cautious
Ah, know who we are, ugh
Gotta keep barkin’, gotta tee off
I gotta leave cautious, you know the team stars
You know who we are

[Earl Sweatshirt]
Huh, I shot the sheriff, don’t expect to get no calls from him
Tell the deputy, “Next,” remember Jigga got Chrisette
And say you lost one
Middle school, I moonlit as a arson
I’m finished tryna ruin what I start
I’m through it, tryna barter for remorse, sabotagin’
Steppin’ with a chip on my shoulder, don’t chomp it
Water spillin’ out the Flint faucet, toxic
Brown skin, a script long as s***
Short message from the witchdoctor, we all just coalescin’
Or a fist called blessings from the real flockers
Drippin’ different sizes, eyes on the prize
Time to organize, keep it horizontal
But I know spirals, how it go ’round
Coil tight, let the light from the core burn it all down
Pressure lift me out the sixth chakra
Terrence Howard on the red carpet
From the still I pluck the real flowers
I know the second step is willpower
They only tall from the stilts down
In the middle of the trip, I couldn’t reroute it
Steep falls into big crowds, I’ma leave proudly