BackWordz – The Great Equalizer lyrics

BackWordz - The Great Equalizer lyrics

BackWordz – The Great Equalizer lyrics

Running away, that is not my forte
Don’t bring it to me. Or my way

I know the sight of a gun makes you squeamish
Can’t help it I was born in Texas
Keep my head on a swivel and alert
What it’s worth, it’s a perk we assigned guns at birth not absurd..
That we choose to keep it on our hip
Inside the waistband with the siggy sig sig
Smith & Wesson we don’t say it for the bragging/ I’d rather have and not needed than need it and not happen to have it

Sorry. It’s you I don’t need
Can’t help me nor save me
That nine, gives me some peace of mind
Can’t threaten me nor phase me

Gun control what they spout
Funny ’cause control is all it’s bout
Let me be as clear as can be
I don’t care about what the other countries do, what that gotta do with me

My voice. My choice. He’s scared. Unprepared

I don’t care that you’re scared of a rifle
You don’t even know what’s a magazine
Pipe down!

The police don’t protect and you march
You’re scared of AR’s and you want me disarmed
Don’t get it twisted if I had to I’d box but you are my enemy bro both you and the cops
My first take’s to de-escalate but don’t make the mistake of threatening me or my family if you value your chest space
’cause I’m shooting center mass

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