Jack Harlow – Only Way Freestyle lyrics

This is gon’ be the hottest summer in history
Life as we knew it before, this is only memories
Chief of the country ain’t showin’ us any empathy, nah
This is Chuck D, Public Enemy
This is not a fundraiser, this is real energy
This is not a token friendship, he is kin to me
Don’t know how the f*** you think that this how it’s meant to be
Pick a side, less tweets, more picket signs
Spent the last two months bein’ told to get inside
Now we all outside ’cause we sick and tired
2020 and it’s supposed to be a different time
But racism is alive, though they think it’s behind us
Rest in peace to Breonna
We ain’t askin’ for the moon, just police to be honest
I don’t think it’s too much
These times got me thinkin’ too much
Or maybe just enough
Maybe just enough
Maybe this is what it takes
Maybe this is how the levee breaks (Breaks)
Maybe this is fake (Fake)
Maybe this the only way (Only way)