Joyner Lucas – Kevin (Skit) lyrics

(Skit: Kevin Hart)

Listen, Joyner what’s up? It’s Kev
Heard the song “Lotto” you just dropped, and I’ma tell you right now man, I’m not too impressed
I’ll tell you why I’m not impressed, tell you why
‘Cause you still owe me money from a year ago, when your b**** a** cryin’ about your Lamborghini gettin’ repossessed
Until I came to the rescue, had to be Captain Save a Ho
So you could maintain your lil’ b****-a**, fake-a** lifestyle
Now it’s a year later, I still don’t have my money and you’re rappin’ about hittin’ the lottery
Tell me, where the f*** do they do that s*** at?
I just- I d- I don’t know
You think ’cause I’m five foot two I can’t box?
I’m 5’4″, I’ll whoop your a**, swear to God
Get your a** whipped by a munchkin
Tell you something, Joyner, I don’t care how short I am
Or whether I can get on the roller coasters at Disney World
If I was you, I’d get back to me immediately
‘Cause if you don’t, I’m gonna beat your a** with a Lil Uzi Vert album, I swear to God
Ha, I swear to God
What are you, white?
What the f*** is this, slavery? Reparations?
Still chase you down
Gimme my s***!