Ransom – Pulp Fiction Lyrics

Word, word, son
Yeah, pass the (?)
We gotta hit the block like, like seven o’ clock, man
Them fiends out there
We gotta get there, man, let’s get it, man
Hurry the f*** up, man

Grand vials, two razors, a pile of dishes, survival wish list
Couple grams snorted in Bible scriptures, I’m wild and vicious
Send the foulest b****** to hit ’em, dressed as my rival’s mistress
Fire biscuit, blood on the wall lookin’ like hieroglyphics (bla-ouw!)
Yeah, I ain’t never hide specifics
Besides I’m gifted, and I ain’t tellin’ lies to risk it (nah)
The streets anointed me, I’m royalty
Y’all never was there when it came to lawyer fees
While I was on trial watchin’ my lawyer freeze (damn!)
In my cell fightin’ for toiletries
You was in Chow’s, rice with the soya beans
Enjoyin’ greens, shrimp tempura, dumplings, avoid the steam
You probably wish I died in that cell, but I destroyed ya dream
(Y’all n***** wish) I’m Belichick with a loyal team, n***** hated
Came home flourishin’, left the pigs deflated (hahaha)
Street sermons to get ’em teary eyed
We eerie guys, the rounds get Wilder so watch my Fury rise

Reminiscin’ when I was dope dealin’, was so thrillin’
But that broke feelin’ had me in abandoned tenements that had no ceilin’
Born used to tell me, “Go ‘head hustle, you so willin'”
Couldn’t see the sole of my Timbs, now we four wheelin’
‘member me and Mo hit Papi and Dame Prince
Came tints, pistol went off and ain’t been the same since (real s***)
All of that violence ain’t make sense (nah)
I’m just tryin’ to give all my listeners the same glimpse (let’s go)
If you can’t abide by the rules, you make new ones
Ya man made a dollar, you jealous, just make you one
How you had ya hand in that cake and then take two crumbs?
Don’t gamble with ya life, take risks, just a few ones (yes sir)
I went to the club and I threw a few ones
Shorty said, “I’m here for ya money, what made you come?” (damn!)
I’m like Tarantino writin’ a script for ya
This ain’t Pulp Fiction, it’s facts, that’s all I spit for ya

Yeah man, I heard, I heard, I heard you bro
I heard you, you say the same s***, man
You always talkin ’bout the same s***
We always do the same s***, my n****
Y’all n***** make me sick, f***.. yo, listen man
You can’t open new doors with old f*****’ keys, man
You gotta, gotta change ya mentality, man
Change change ya way of thinkin’, my n****, think differently

The streets got a hold of my senses, and my only defense is
I was cold and relentless, hoppin’ both of them fences
By the grocery entrance, I ain’t supposed to be senseless
Product of my environment, how they gon’ hold it against us?
Stuck my nose in the trenches
The Devil’s work is done and I was his chosen apprentice
Sellin’ dope on the benches
Kept it a hunnid, even when n***** spoke with resentment
I’m hopin’ that you meant it, flow is crazy ’cause every bar is demented
My vocals cemented deep in ya heart and soul
A heart of gold that got tainted by seein’ coke on my father’s nose
Time reveals some of the deepest scars
My mama said that I would reach the stars
My mama said I was the one
The golden child with a future brighter than each DeBarge
Can a serpent swim in a sea of Gods?
Had the thirst to win and I beat the odds
Go to church and sin in a reaper’s garm’
I’m a child of war so I grip it and aim effectively
The AMT Auto Mag IV came with accessories
The D.A. lock Shyheim, they claimin’ accessory
But doin twenty five in a cell just ain’t in my destiny
Gotta be honest with ya, the art of war’s like the finest picture
And guess who’s appraisin’ the equity?
You think all this pain is affectin’ me
You can’t score the game as a referee
You can’t board this plane and sit next to me
God level, beyond devils, nobody’s stressin’ me
All my newest rivals are suicidal, screw the Bible
I’m who you idol, n****, the best is me…