Ransom – Memento Lyrics

My lyrics are still astoundin’ you
Keep a small circle, just the people who stuck around with you
Still cut it down a few
I tried to be a fan, but these people you lookin’ up to
Of course they’ll be lookin’ down at you (damn!), couldn’t allow them to
F*** givin’ ’em flowers while they here
I kill ’em off, then I gladly give ’em they flowers due
That’s what power do, this man’s enormous
And never been a stranger to shinin’ like Danny Torrance, huh
Ran’s performance, a fresh thesis
This from a n**** that’s been tatted with the ink from the chess pieces
Best secret’s never been told since seven years old
I been tortured, ain’t no remorse for these benevolent souls (no)
I swear I seen the Devil in clothes
He said, “Ain’t nobody livin’ that’s innocent, n**** ball out
The bottom’s like the top, I’ll be there when everything falls out
Forget ya inhibitions, no virgins live in this w**** house” (it’s a fact)
It’s like Cosby walkin’ through Morehouse
You sleepin’, I’ll be tempted to victimize you, I mystify you
Hero to these strong black males who failed in the system, lied to (let’s go)
Been a rebel, so why would this surprise you?
Group home toddler with two chrome monsters
I remind ’em of Gorgeous Gangsta in his two tone Boxster (Stack)
Full blown mobster, I don’t know n***** who fear cases
From a era where you probably got killed in them staircases
Our Father, most n***** don’t share graces
Prayer hands under ya pic’s what you get in some rare cases
Look in the eyes of these tatted up tear faces
Even a snake can appear gracious
Yeah, every bar full of knowledge
I went to prison, told my kids I went off to some college
I can offer you solace, everything that glitters ain’t gold
Watch ya foes, only the meek can fall for mirages…