Georgia Maq – Cold Summer Lyrics

You couldn’t do any better
And I couldn’t do any worse
We were sat there
Spitting off the edge of the earth
Lights all off, somebodies home
I spend most nights alone
Like you do
I wanna be crushed by you

It was the coldest summer I have ever known
Cried all night when you said that you had to go back home
Visit the past, don’t stay long
My heart burns here without you
Do you?
I wanna be crushed by you

I need to tell you what I saw
I’m blinded by belief
You keep seeing white and gold
But it’s all black and blue to me
Except for you
I wanna be crushed by you

Find me where the sunset’s breathing with the fire
And if you need it I could bare the weight for a while
Kids in trees, hard concrete
I feel closer to god
When I’m with you
I wanna be crushed by you

Close is a feeling [x4]