King Von – 3 A.M. Lyrics

DJ on the beat so it’s a banger

Man, it’s three in the morning (Uh-huh)
I’m thinkin’ ’bout hittin’ this lick
I know what y’all thinkin’, I’m bogus
I’m supposed to be home with a b—-
Nah, see, I pay the rent, yeah, and I got a kid, damn
Plus, his pockets thick, the s— I’ma take, he won’t even miss
Now this s— a risk ’cause I asked about him and he play with stick
But it is what it is, if that n—- rich then I’m bustin’ his s—
Yeah, see, even I flinch, nah, ’cause my finger itch
But here come his whip, but he ain’t alone, he came with a b—-
See I ain’t changin’ no plans, it is what it is, I am what I am
And if his b—- got some sense, when I up this Blick his hoe better get down
From the look this b—- Burberry’d down
From the look this b—- bag say Chanel
From backend she a ten on the scale
I think I might just take her as well
Let me stop being’ silly, they goin’ in the building, I’m goin’ in with ’em
God please let him do what I say, if he don’t, he gon’ be comin’ to get me
See, I’m high and a little bit of tipsy
But I’m focused, I’m thirsty, it’s in me
Caught him lackin’, put the Glock to his kidney
He start shakin’ and squirmin’ and fidgetin’
Told the b—-, “Don’t look my way,” if she do, her whole face gon’ be missin’
And she stay with her face to the wall so I guess that she got the picture
I want the money, it could be so simple
And your jewelry s— look official
If he play, gun blow like a whistle
Pat him down, look, what? I found his pistol
Looked to the right ’cause I heard a giggle
Turned around and this b—- my sister
“Ayy Kayla, why you dressed like a hooker?
And all the n—– that you f— with be p—-?”
Damn, look, man, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for ruining’ y’all party
But I’m keepin’ the money and jewelry
Just walk it off, you would thank me tomorrow
Man, these n—– be b——, straight ho, flat out, he sissy
Play with King Von, he trippin’
Find out where he stay next week, he missin’
A n—- diss me, he won’t do it again
I rob a n—- and do it again
I come through your block and kill two of your friends
It’s do or die, is you gon’ ride? (Gang)

DJ on the beat so it’s a banger