Alkaline – Ocean Wave Lyrics

Alkaline – Ocean Wave Lyrics

uh nuh see seh we a create waves like the ocean yea
When yuh deh a bed and yuh so loud explosion
A we mek the commotion dem
Deven dance but dem watch we every motion
Thief all we slogan dem

We dweet first cuz dem soft like lotion
Have waves like the ocean yea
Unu neva see a force so neva see a force so strong
Neva did I fi rely pon people fi mek my moves
A nuh suh me grow

Yuh nuh say me hype and yuh probably rught
But if yuh naνe nuh pride a guess anything goes
Mi a live mi life mi tell mi have mi own
A used to be that likely kid now I am the grown

Up think mi life did so rough
Skinny n**ga did have talent but neva have no luck
So bruk mi fada get laid off nave nuh wuk
Did affi tun a man from deh so
Now mi life sweet like a doughnut

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