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King Von & Lil Durk – Down Me Lyrics

King Von & Lil Durk – Down Me Lyrics

N—– tryna down me
Who I grew up with
B—— tryna down me
B—-, don’t do that s—
Just don’t play with me ’cause they gon’ kill, no matter who you with
I be with all the killers in my city, no matter who you get
Yeah, everybody points, no matter who you get
Please don’t play with Durkio ’cause you will get yo tooka hit
Better hide your hoe, just don’t get caught inside that Uber s—
I’m too big to rap about my opps, that’s just the mood I’m in
Last n—- play wiith Nuski name, I bet he won’t do it again
It’s not six to twenty-four no more, it’s more like thirty-six
I done took some L’s, broke as hell, kissin’ all the thots
I done turned up, got myself a check, richer than all the opps

(Von!) First day, I don’t smoke a tooka all the drop (All the drop)
Second day, I done got a Glock, I’m hittin’ all the block (All the blocks)
Third day, I don’t tired of f—–’, I hit all the thots
N—– callin’ talking ’bout my brother, you too [?]
I don’t give a f— what you say, n—- pull up
Heard he found out where the f— we stay, still ain’t do nothin’
Big shottas got a Glock in the K, you n—– poo pot
F— you got your gun license for? You ain’t gon’ shoot nothin’
All my n—– killers when it’s time, you won’t know who come
[?] know I shoot somethin’, got two fifties, stay one hunnid (Boom)
I’ve been waitin’ at this n—- crib since like two somethin’
F— it, first n—- out that door, we got a suit comin’

I’m a savage from the Raq (Yeah)
Plus I done my dreads
Last n—- played about that s—, Foenem fried his a–
Who you say you killed, n—-? Yeah you lied again
I’ma get on your a– before I’m worser that’s the badder twin

Yeah, and if we miss then we gon’ slide again
You gotta doc to bring you back, you back the light, we kill your a– again
And he ain’t got nobody else to call, we done killed all his friend (Nah, nah, nah)
We [?] the n—- look just like him, so we killed his twin (Boom, boom, boom)
Got me slidin’ on the opps (Gotta slide)
I’m the shooter, if you ain’t shootin’ you get shot (You be down)
I got a cooler on the Ruger when it’s hot
Lil’ n—- dissin’ me and now we shootin’ up his block (Boom-boom, boom-boom)

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